Bike Sizing $50

Basic set up to get you started on your bike. (Complimentary with new bike purchase)

  • Static seat height position
  • Static saddle fore/aft position
  • Static handlebar height position
  • Static effective reach

Advanced Body Geometry Fit $150

(All Fittings are performed at our sister store Bike Masters Gilbert Location only)

Comprehensive custom bicycle fitting aimed to maximize comfort, efficiency and power.

  • Pre-fit evaluation to pinpoint areas of concern
  • Advanced flexibility and structural assessment
  • Dynamic ride height adjustment
  • Rider drop and reach adjustment
  • Cleat positioning
  • Footbed fitting with valgus/varus forefoot correction as needed
  • Align hip/knee/foot to improve efficiency
  • Dynamic hip and back rotation evaluation

· * 1 Follow-up session included *

Request an appointment or review our frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. I do not race, will I still benefit from a fit?
    • A proper bike fit not only increases power but also increases comfort and efficiency. With that said, any person looking maximize comfort and efficiency will benefit from a Body Geometry fit. Not just racers.
  2. I didn’t buy my bike from you, can I still schedule a fit?
    • Whatever the bike brand or style, you will benefit from the Body Geometry fit- the system is designed to look at the rider first! By looking at your individual needs we are able to adjust your bike to your body’s optimal position you can achieve maximum power and comfort on your bike.
  3. I am comfortable already, do I need a fit?
    • Comfort does not equal efficiency and power does not equal comfort! A rider may be extremely comfortable but may not be using the most efficient pedal stroke- this rider would benefit from a fit.
    • Our goal is not to change the way you ride your bike, we want it to be a pleasurable experience. If you are comfortable and do not want to change what you are doing a fit may not be for you. However, if you are looking to increase your efficiency while maintaining your comfort please use the form below to discuss how a Body Geometry Fit will benefit you
  4. What makes the Body Geometry Fit different?
    • The fit process is designed to make your bike fit you! Many fits calculate your inseam, arm length, and other parts of your body without examining what you are physically capable of doing on your bike. The first step in your fit will be a pre-fit evaluation with our fit specialist; we will discuss your medical history and any other challenges that currently limit your ability on the bike. After the interview we will look at your body and make various notes on what your body naturally does (off the bike) to ensure we set you on the bike in a way that is most natural to you.
  5. How long will a fit take?
    • The fit process length varies but we strive to get a fit completed within 3 hours. Once a fit is completed the follow up appointment should take less than an hour depending on whether or not changes need to be made.
  6. What happens after the fit?
    • Once the fit is completed and you are comfortable with your new position we ask that you go and ride! We will schedule a follow up appointment 3-4 weeks after your initial fit. Carry on your normal riding routine and enjoy the new position. Keep in mind that some of the adjustments that were made may feel different; different or weird is ok, PAIN IS NOT! Pay attention to how you feel on the bike, are you experiencing any discomfort? If so this will be addressed during the follow up appointment. If pain presents itself please contact your fitter right away to determine the best course of action!