Mango Longboard FT 1 speed

by Mango
Save 20%

The Ultimate Single Speed Cruiser....Upgraded to Super Sized Fat Tire Fun

The best things about the LongBoard FT are Fun and BIG COMFORT with Bonus convenience, safety and lightweight.

Super Sized Fat Tire Fun
Check out the Super Sized Fat Tires, You are Guaranteed to LOVE the ride. The best we've tested in any FAT BIKE cruiser.
These Fat Tires are so comfortable you practically float over just about everything. 

You'll Laugh and float over soft sand while others sink and walk their bikes. 

Most road imperfections will virtually disappear beneath your cushion of fun.

Mango uses the VeeRubber Speedster High Thread Count tire on these bikes. The best tire we've seen on any cruiser style FAT BIKE.

BIG Comfort
NEW LowTide+UFit Design frame means that when you stop you can put your feet down without having to hop off the saddle.

NEW UFit feature means when you raise the saddle for taller riders, the bike position gets proportionately longer. Lowering the saddle for shorter riders makes the reach to the bars closer. This means "UFit" better! 

Say Goodbye to the "tippy-toe-wobble" at stop signs. 
You get great fit and a Mango Ultra spring cushioned saddle- now that is comfort. 
( Mango Ultra Saddle alone lists for $50 )

Compared to the Toucan, the Longboard has 
the NEW LowTide+UFit Design frame

The single speed gear hub means nearly zero maintenance or fussing with gear changes. Just Ride and Enjoy!

Coaster brake rear provides great braking anytime your feet push backwards on the cranks. 

The precision welded aluminum frame is strong and lightweight and the aluminum tubing will not rust. 

A simple 'point & go' (get on, point, go) with the quality of the most expensive bikes on the market.  
The simplicity of a cruiser but can't be beat, and now YOU can have the best on the market. Priced the same as the 'bad guys' (everyone except are selling their heavy steel cruisers for.