Super Bird E-Bike Mango 2019

by Mango
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The Classic 8 Speed Cruiser....Now With More ePower and Zoom!

The best things about the SuperBird are comfort, convenience, safety and strength and a super efficient eBike drive system.

Advanced eBike Power
The rear hub is equipped with an advanced pedal-assist e-motor that amplifies your every pedal stroke making your ride a breeze. You'll Feel like the wind's always at your back and a spring in your step with every pedal stroke!
Advanced Bafang rear hub pedal-assist motor with 250 watts of power! Enjoy convenient walk assist mode and integrated system display. Super Capacity 417WattHour Advanced Lithium Ion Battery too. Super Range of 20 to 30 miles depending on assist mode. Pedal assist support up to 20 mph.

NEW Advanced LowTide+UFit Design frame means that when you stop you can put your feet down without having to hop off the saddle. PLUS the new UFit feature means when you raise the saddle for taller riders, the bike position gets proportionately longer. Lowering the saddle for shorter riders makes the reach to the bars closer. This means "UFit" better! No more "tippy-toe-wobble" at stop signs, great fit and a spring cushioned saddle- now that is comfort. The Saddle alone Lists for around $95

This is the newest NEW Aluminum frame eBike model, not yet on the Mango site.


The 8 Speed Shimano drivetrain means you have the gears you want to go just about anywhere in comfort and with less strain.

Just pull the hand brake levers - easy and powerful Disc-brakes on the front and rear are some of the best in all conditions. 

Strength+Lightweight Durability
The precision welded Aluminum frame is strong, light and durable. Aluminum Frames will not rust.

A simple 'point & go' (get on, point, go) with the quality of the most expensive bikes on the market.  
The simplicity of a cruiser but can't be beat, and now YOU can have the best on the market. Priced about HALF as the 'bad guys' (everyone except are selling their eBike cruisers for.

When Shopping: Watch out for low priced eBikes with Heavy rust prone steel frames or Heavy, Low tech lead based batteries